E-commerce design and development

Your gateway to online success. In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, having a solid online store is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Our e-commerce design and development expertise is focused on creating seamless, secure and visually appealing online shopping experiences.

Harness the power of e-commerce.

Online store

Sell physical or digital products directly to consumers.


Allow multiple sellers to offer their products on the same platform.

Subscription site

Offer an exclusive experience with regular product deliveries.

Why choose e-commerce?

The advantages of e-commerce are numerous. Explore a world of opportunities!

Boutique en ligne
Boutique en ligne

Your questions, our solutions

Discover clear answers to the questions most frequently asked by entrepreneurs when considering the creation of an online store. Find practical advice and tailor-made solutions in our dedicated FAQ.

To get your online store up and running, start by selecting your service provider. Your choice of Web agency is essential. You need to surround yourself with experts who understand your needs and will work with you to realize your vision. At cFocus, our attentive team will guide you every step of the way, from concept to launch.

A successful online store requires attractive design, compelling content and intuitive functionality. At cFocus, we customize every element to captivate your visitors and optimize their shopping experience.

The cost of creating an e-commerce site varies according to your specific needs. At cFocus, our approach is based on blocs of hours, allowing customization according to your budget. Transparency and quality are at the heart of our approach.

E-commerce is the future

E-commerce isn’t just a trend, it’s the future of retail. As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, having a well-designed and functional e-commerce platform is the key to staying competitive.

At cFocus, we specialize in creating online stores that not only showcase your products/services, but also offer your customers a seamless and secure shopping experience.

Ready to embark on your e-commerce adventure? Let us guide you through the entire process, from design to development, to ensure that your online store stands out in the digital marketplace. Contact us