A Web Marketing Agency

Our team helps SMEs maximize their business opportunities through innovative web marketing strategies.

We propose a different web marketing approach so that SMEs can automate their marketing strategies and engage potential clients. Our cFocus+ application provides analytical data and knowledge to help our clients understand where and how to allocate their budget, obtaining the best return on marketing strategies and investment.

Our team of specialists consistently provides exceptional results, combining hard work, commitment, innovation, and creative thinking with our many years of experience. By using your website, we help you acquire new clients, create lifetime customer value, and increase your company's revenue.


Years of expertise


Web analyses


Email campaigns


First positions


Employees and partners


SEO campaigns


Director of operations
Human resources manager
Marketing manager
SEO specialists
Web programmers
Online advertising specialists
Administrative assistants
Performance analysts
Communications officers
Web designers
Project managers
Social media managers
Certified Google experts

1532 clients served

387 websites created

 2108 public webinars

9,400+ cups of coffee


Help SMEs maximize their business opportunities through innovative web marketing strategies.

Our Values and Expertise

Constantly innovating to improve the services we offer. Demand rigour in all our activities and operations to provide high-quality services. Consciously implement these values to contribute to the growth of our clients' businesses. Surround ourselves with experts to always stay ahead of the game. Be responsible, honest, and devoted to our commitments. Surround ourselves with passionate people who are always looking to exceed their own expectations.




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Here are a few of our company's milestones.


March 1998

Founding of Focus Promotion, a global marketing, communications and advertising company, by visionary and entrepreneur Bruno Desormeaux. 

August 2007

Focus Promotion heads in a new direction with the creation of a new web marketing division. Focus Promotion joins the American Marketing Association (AMA). Launch of cFocus.


February 2010

With its corporate headquarters in the National Capital Region, cFocus opens new offices in Montreal's North Shore, serving clients throughout the country.



June 2012

cFocus receives the much sought-after Google Partner accreditation, allowing the marketing of SMEs on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 


November 2015

Launch of the cFocus+ application. Access all your marketing in a single account and take advantage of analytical data to understand where and how to allocate your marketing budget, getting you the best return on your strategies.