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We are a team of 
We are specialized in areas such as web design and online shops, marketing automation, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), cost-per-click advertising (CPC), banner advertising, remarketing and social media advertising (SMA).

We have been entrepreneurs, marketing and automation professionals since 1998 and we want to share our knowledge!
The cFocus missions
At cFocus, our mission is to help business owners double (2x) their income in less than 12 months so they can have more freedom and time to spend on developing their business.
cFocus gives you everything you need to market, sell and automate your operations (without paying too much, hiring or relying on a technical team).

Designed to make your business successful, cFocus is the simplest "all-in-one" solution for your business. We have not yet found a company that could not benefit from:
  • More sales
  • More customers
  • More income
  • ...and the list goes on ;)
Our team
A team of fire specializing in web marketing and marketing and operations automation. 
We aim constantly striving to deliver exceptional results combining strength, rigour, commitment, innovation and creative ideas with our vast experience.Take the time to know us, you will quickly see that
we walk the talk!
Bruno Desormeaux
CEO, Associate
Véronique Roussil
​Director of Web Production and Human Resources, Associate
Jasmin Tremblay
Director of Research and Development, Senior Web Programmer, Associate
Maxime Charlebois
Account Manager, Associate
Patrick Laflamme
Digital Media Campaign Manager, Sales and Marketing Assistant
Nicolas Labonté
Programmer, Web Integration and Specialist in SEO and Local SEO
Natalia Pervushina
Receptionist and Administrative Assistant to replace maternity leave
Martine Pétrin
Receptionist and Administrative Assistant 
Maryse Desnoyers
Content Marketing Strategist
Alexanne Mahar
Content Marketing Specialist
Josée Roussil
Content Marketing Specialist
Christine Hébert
Content Marketing Specialist
Tanina Dvar
Content Marketing Specialist
Marie-Ève Guillot
Graphic Designer
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cFocus gives you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products online!

Yes, this page was built using our tools. Unlike our competitors, we drink our own Kool-Aid.
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